With a ladder, a few pints of paint, an old truck and a handful of brushes, Hollis Baker founded Hollis Baker Sign Company in 1955. Working from his home, bad weather sometimes forced a move inside the house and he would have signs from one end of the living room to the other.

As his family grew, so did the business. The house could not fit both signs and family, so he moved operations to his first "shop." Located at 607 Rio Grande, the former wool warehouse aroma would often overpower the smell of paint and thinners on wet days. From there he moved to various locations all over the then "hub" of Austin. Ranging from Lamar Boulevard to South Congress and back, the shop migrated with the flow of Austin growth.

From the very beginning, the entire family got involved in the sign company. As they grew big enough to help, the kids swept floors, cleaned rollers and brushes, painted out backgrounds and finally moved on to lettering signs. Wife Alice ran the office for many years.

Back then, all lettering was done by hand. Letters were drawn directly on boards with charcoal or chalk and then lettered with brushes. The craft had seen little change in several hundred years. But in the ’80s the computer age finally hit the sign industry. Sketches were made by computer instead of by hand, and faxed to customers for approval. Now those same sketches are e-mailed in color for instant approval or changes.

Brushes were fast gathering dust as the computer plotter took over. Faster and more accurate than any hand-lettered sign, the color also lasted longer. The digital age is fast making the plotters obsolete. With digital printers an industry standard, photographs, renderings and complicated sign designs are easier to produce than ever. This can save you both time and money.

Customer satisfaction and quality work have been the top priority behind each and every sign we produce. Customers are never just "another job" they were and are what made Hollis Baker Sign Company.

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